ISO series in Indonesia

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Duties and Responsibilities:
- Coordinate with the Certification Board
- Represents management during certification and surveillance audits
- Promote awareness of customer requirements
- Prepare and revise the documented manual or procedure (Manual ie Quality, Quality System Procedures and other documentation).
- Ensure compliance of all functions according to ISO 9001 standards.
- Prepare Management Review of Meeting Schedule and conduct Management Review Meeting
- Preparing Audit schedule, Conducting Internal Audit preparing audit report, Writing Incompatibility report .
- Communicate with Top Management on Quality / Nonconformance issues & Audit reports
- Measure & Monitor process performance.
- Take necessary remedial and preventive actions.
Review Policy and quality objective on a regular basis
Time to time review all functions, to check the effective implementation of the Quality Management system. etc.

above is the minimum Management Representative tasks that must be done for continuous improvement and to achieve customer satisfaction

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